Reading Week Part 1 Poland

Reading Week Part 1 Poland


From the 7th to 14 November a Reading week in our school took place.

We organised several activities:

  1. A book swap, where students could bring books to school and swap them with others.
  2. A competition for a photograph promoting reading books.
  3. We prepared posters about books worth reading and favourite authors.
  4. We organised a visit to the theatre to see a play based on “Master and Margaret” book by M. Bulhakov.
  5. Every day there were famous poems read through the school radio system. We chose the poem of famous Eramsmus partners poets.

The reading was a great success as lots of students were engaged in the programme activities. The book swap desk became such an interesting idea that it stayed in our school forever. 

You can watch a film summing the reading week by clicking in the link below:

Reading Week Poland