Read the literacy works of our student!

Zuzanna Prucnal from Poland, a student who took part in “Literacy for the future” Erasmus project is very interested in writing novels and short stories. Here, in the link below we would like to present to you her website, where you can read her short stories. Zuzanna is very talented and we wish her all the best!

Zuzanna writes in Polish but we hope to read English versions of her stories soon, too!

Creative writing contest at a Reading Week

Every November students at Publio Virgilio Marone take part in a Reading Week and last time they also included a creative writing competition, during which they were encouraged to continue writing a story from the beginning sentence they were given at the start of the contest.  Every story evolved in an original,  imaginary way and it was fun  comparing the different stories that started from  exactly the same first sentence! Other students tried poetry writing and still others preferred to create illustrations promoting either their favourite literary works, or some renowned figures from literary studies. All the works were later displayed at school and  the competition winners awarded.



Drama plays, theatre performances and rehearsals – Polish Team


Thanks to Erasmus project “Literacy for the future” we started to enjoy drama performances more than ever. These pictures were taken during a school play performed during the Teachers Day wchich we celebrate in Poland on 14 October. The play was directed by Alicja Kaczyńska whilst the scripwriter was Zuzanna Prucnal- one of the students involved in Erasmus project, of course.

Writing Event Poland (above the scope of Erasmus Tasks)

The students from Piarist High School in Poland took part in a regional writing competition for young journalists. They were awarded in several different categories:

  • for the best script
  • for the best article
  • for the best poem

We were very proud of our students achievements.